Working with Aaron Lending

My wife and I started shopping for a home in 2007. We’d been “looking” for a while but it wasn’t until 2007, after we sold our first home, that we got serious.

Of course one of the first decisions we needed to make was to choose a mortgage lender.

It wasn’t a hard decision, we went with Aaron Lending, LLC but it was a decision we talked about and there were a few items of concern that we needed to work through.

My most pressing concern at the time was giving Aaron access to so much of our financial information. My wife and I are pretty private about financial matters. We do not like to talk to other people about how much money we earn, how much we save or how much we spend. We don’t like to talk about our investments, college savings or retirement savings.

Those are pretty intimate details of our lives and we don’t care to share them. So I was apprehensive to let Aaron take a long look at our overall financial picture.

In retrospect, I don’t really know what I was worried about. Aaron was thoroughly professional and the transaction went smoothly.

Also, having done this job for several months now I can say it’s all just numbers. In looking at a loan application and an individual’s financial position we’re looking at things like debt to income ratios, loan to value ratios and qualified income to support the loan. There’s no passing of judgment on a person’s spending or savings habits.

My other concern was, what if things went badly?

At the time, Aaron and I had been friends for more than a decade. I didn’t want to jeopardize the friendship over a potentially bad experience. Of course, I had no reason to think the experience would be negative. Our financial position was strong, I trusted Aaron and knew he was as invested in a positive experience as I was. After all his entire business depended on positive experiences, referrals, and the return of past customers back in the market.

Plus, what’s the alternative? To go with someone I didn’t know, had no experience with and no trust? That sure sounded like the greater risk!

In the end, that initial experience was positive and we have worked with Aaron on several refinances since then. We are in a great position with our home today and that is in large part to working with Aaron.

For more information contact Aaron Walker or Jay Rapson at Aaron Lending, LLC.


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